Hacked WordPress Support And Cleanup

You will never have to worry about your website again. We provide expert support for website owners and agencies. Supercharge your website today at a fixed monthly cost!

Expert Managed WordPress Security Monitoring & Hardening Services; A Website That's Secure and Optimized.

Have you been having trouble or worries about your WordPress website been hacked or producing a ton of spam mail? These can ben concerns of the past if you start working with Prosper WP. At Prosper WP we will get your website secure and improved so that you can get back to running your business. A hacked website is detrimental to your business’s vitality. It can damage your reputation, can force your customers to competitors, and effect your findability on google.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) to build websites. Without the proper support and maintenance there is a severe risk that your site will be hacked. Being hacked is stressful and threatening. Before our services several of our clients have been in that vulnerable situation. We understand the fear and concerns from both you and your customers. A hack can bring successful companies into a vulnerable standstill. The professionals at Prosper WP will get your website cleaned up of all malware and take strong actions to prevent it from happening again.

How Prosper WP Helps Fix Your WordPress Website

  1. Prosper WP Initially Puts Your Website Into Maintenance Mode. In Maintenance Mode The Website Notifies Your Customers That Your Website Is Going Through Maintenance. This Allows A Passive Communication With Your Customers To Avoid Fear, Frustration, And Panic.

  2. We Quickly Clean Your Website Of All Malware And Unnecessary Potentially Exploitable Data.

  3. Prosper WP Audits Your Site To Identify Security Weaknesses. Then We Develop A Road Map To Resolve Any Issues To Defend Against Future Attacks.

  4. We Utilize The Most Up To Date Knowledge And Cutting-Edge Technology To Remove Any URL Off From Any Blacklist. We Will Get You Back Into A Good Standing With Google Algorithms.

WordPress Support & Maintenance Plans

Every time you login to your WordPress dashboard do you see that you have dozens of plugin and theme updates? Your website has extremely slow load-time with no page optimization? Prosper WP gives you piece of mind knowing that your website is in good hands.

Prosper WP Will Help Get Your Site Back Online Quickly And Affordably

  • Your Website Hacked
  • Pegas Technology Solutions Analyze site
  • We Identify Cause of Hack
  • Full Clean Your Website
  • We Restore Your Website
  • We Get You Off The Blacklist

What Do We Help You With?​

Whole we can automate most of WordPress Maintenance services we, know what it mean to have real person audit your site “real eyes on the site so to speak” and ensure its rock solid. The Amplify support team keep an eye out so you don’t have to, allowing you to focus on your business.

Offsite Backups

Prosper WP creates secure backups, hosted in your ours or your own AWS S3 bucket for reliable offsite storage. Depending your maintenance plan we will do daily or weekly backups.​

Security Hardening

Prosper WP preforms monthly and initial website security hardening, malware check, and server examination. We are continuously scanning your website for security issues and flaws.

Uptime Monitoring

Our software is continuously monitoring your website or websites, so if anything does go wrong with your site we can find the issue and solve it before it takes your site down.

Woocommerce Support

Prosper WP software is continuously monitoring your website or websites, so if anything does go wrong with your site we can find the issue and solve it before it takes your site down.

Site Optimizations

Prosper WP performs monthly checkups for website performance optimization, javascript magnification, setup website caching, and any other general optimizing needs.

SEO Audits & Reports

We help you setup SEO monitoring for your website and will also send you monthly SEO reports if you needs them to keep your website at the top of google for your keywords.

Site Reports

Prosper WP send you comprehensive reports about your website performance, website up-time, website analytics, and backups. We keep your website on track so you can focus on your business.

Premium Plugins & Themes

Prosper WP is a brand of Pegas Technology Solutions and we have developer and agency licenses for several WordPress premium plugins and themes. Like Oceanwp and gravity forms.

Image Compression

Selecting the right tool for image optimization on your website can extremely frustrating and confusing. We install and help you optimize your images when they get uploaded to the site.


Stop worrying about your website and hosting. We are a team of people based in the USA that provides Expert WordPress Hosting, Support, And Maintenance.

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None of our WordPress Support and maintenance include any digital marketing services like SEO, pay per click, social media marketing or inbound marketing. If you are interested in taking the next step for any of those digital marketing services get in touch with us today and we would be more than happy to customize a package to meet your goals.

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Prosper WP provides a dedicated WordPress support and maintenance service, so you don’t have to worry about the daily issues of your website. Your website is fully optimized, backed up, and secure. Our plans can be fully customized to fit your business and your needs. When you partner with Prosper WP maintaining and support for your WordPress website you have a team that has your back.. Should anything go wrong!!