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Cannabis and CBD Marketing Services

We Provide a Full Service Cannabis Focused Social Media Marketing Solutions. We help cannabis business leverage the internet, social media, and other digital channels to connect with their prospective customers.

Promoting Your CBD Company Is Extremely Difficulty Today​

With so many newcomers into the CBD market selling your product can almost be a nightmare if you don’t have the right customer acquisition strategy, a properly conversion-driven designed website, and marketing on the right channels.

CBD Websites and SEO

Having a website that is designed to maximize sales and attractive to your marketing is critical to your success. We help your from creating compelling CBD SEO optimized content to design, building, and implementing a fully functional CBD Ecommerce Website.

CBD Advertising

Prosper WP knows what it takes to make your CBD paid campaign success. From choosing the right social media channels to producing the right content for your lead pages to ensure that Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter don’t ban your CBD advertising accounts.

CBD Email Marketing

Once you have made hundreds to thousands of transactions through your CBD ecommerce website it time to start making all of that data you have collected from your customer and really scaling your CBD company and bring it to new level with CBD email campaigns.

Give Your Business A Marketing Makeover With Time-Tested, Proven Marketing Strategies

Proven Marketing Strategies

Prosper WP is not like any other marketing agency. We have been working in this space for several years. We are a very data-driven agency that starts the small, test and depending on the data we build action plans.

Local Search Marketing

Prosper WP is a team made up of SEO specialists, website builders, graphic designers, and content writers. We have the knowledge, expertise and industry know-how to make your CBD website and marketing campaign a success.

Are Your CBD Customer Coming Back?

Sometimes you just need to send a little nudge you customers to let them know you have an amazing sale going on right now and reward them for their loyalty to your BRAND.

Loyally Programs

With the Rapid growth of the CBD market, the brands that invest in their customer base and win their loyally will win in the long term. We help you build CDB loyalty and rewords programs to give back to your customers, which drives higher sales.

Referral Programs

Have you ever had a friend recommend a brand to you? Of Course, you have, we all have, with it being trustworthy you now have trust equity in that brand. We will help you create referral programs to help drive organic growth and increase sales.

Sales and Coupons

Running sales promotions and coupons is one of the fastest way to drive in short term revenue and should be another tool you should use to build customer loyalty in your brand. We help you design the right content and designs to supercharge your sales.


Stop worrying about your website and hosting. We are a team of people based in the USA that provides Expert WordPress Hosting, Support, And Maintenance.

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We Provide Expert Marketing Solutions For Your Business That Will Give To An Edge Over Your Competition. We Are A Full Service Local Marketing Agency; We Can Provide You With Local SEO, Web Design, Social Wi-Fi, Paid Ads, And Social Media Management. Tell us about your goals and from there we create a marketing plan so you achieve your goals and to grow your business.

Local Growth Marketing

Local Growth Marketing Basic

Local Search Marketing

Localized Website

Note: This doesn't allow for any Paid ad management. It's main focus is SEO.

Local Growth Marketing Advanced

Local Search Marketing

Localized Website

Display Campaign

Note: This doesn't include any Paid Advertising Spend. We Recommend 500+

Local Growth Marketing Premium

Local Search Marketing

Localized Website

Display Campaign

Note: This doesn't include any Paid Advertising Spend. We Recommend 1000+

Start Building A Professional Website With A Team That Knows How To Market Your Business.

We Know The Foundation Of Getting You More Business And Fueling Your Growth Is Leads. We Have A Lead Generation System That Will Activate Your Sales Team, An Allow You To Scale Your Business.

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