12 Tips To Market Your Cannabis Business And How You Can Gain An Upper Hand In Your Local Market

We Provide Cannabis Businesses with Technology, Marketing, and Consulting Services

Our time-tested and revolutionary marketing solutions will give you a competitive advantage. It encompasses websites, SEO services, marketing management – all resonating your brand.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitions By Partnering With Pegas Digital a Maine Cannabis Marketing Agency​

Pegas Digital’s services and solution’s are built to drive your cannabis business forward, covering state compliance through seed to sales integrations, winning you a solid customer base through marketing, and helping your business with risk management, accounting, and security.

Cannabis Technology Services & Solutions

We help you automate your business processes through our ERP system and system integrations. You will be able to have a 360 view of your business through an easy to use Cannabis ERP that will integrate into the state of Maine seed to sale traceability system.

Cannabis Marketing Services & Solutions

Our time-tested and innovative marketing solutions give you a competitive advantage. We help you build a conversion driven website with built-in e-commerce, local SEO strategies and services that will get you found, and marketing automation.

Cannabis Consulting Services & Solutions

Every cannabis business owner needs help with some part of their business. Our team and partners can help you streamline your business. For example, we have partnered with consultants that focus on accounting, risk management, and building security.

We Set High Expectation And Get Your Meaningful Results…

Pegas Digital is a team made up of Pegas Technology Solutions and Cannabis industry experts that help cannabis business market their products and business. Our team has the marketing expertise and knowledge to make it easy for you customers to find you. No matter if you’re targeting consumers or business with your cannabis services or products we are here to help you achieve your goals and overcome any marketing troubles you might have.

With the rapid growth of the cannabis industry; Pegas Digital team has built proven strategies to reach your chosen demographic though Cannabis SEO keyword, marketing your cannabis business on social media, keeping your cannabis customer engage with your brand though email marketing, and marijuana web design.

Pegas Digital Marketing Services

When your cannabis business start looking for digital marketing services Weedmaps and Leafly are at the top of the list. They are effective but their location based pricing can be extremely expensive if you’re in a competitive market costing you hundreds to thousand an month. And with all that money you are only listed on their websites.  So How Does Pegas Digital Do IT?

Cannabis Dispensary Marketing

We help you implement a multi-channel marketing strategy though social media, content creation, email marketing, etc. to build a strong brand.

Cannabis Dispensary Content Marketing

We help your publish well written and researched cannabis content so you become an authority and build loyalty, trust, and brand awareness with your customers.

Cannabis Dispensary Branding

Branding is more than your name and logo. While your name and logo are important they only represent a small portion of your over cannabis branding strategy.

Cannabis Dispensary POS

We help you select the Point Of Sale for your business that will allow you to manage your employees, track sales, and stay in complicate with state.

Cannabis Dispensary Reputation

Let’s face it people don’t often leave favorable reviews when they are happy; we help you build a program to simply ask your customers to leave a review.

Cannabis Dispensary CRM

With some much competition in the cannabis and CBD industry you need an easy way to collect and organize your customer relationships.

Cannabis Dispensary SEO

We help you create a cannabis and CBD search engine optimization plan that will drive organic traffic to your biasness and increase your websites (SERPs)

Dispensary Social Media Marketing

Is your cannabis business on social media? We help you stay consistent posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other social media channels you might have.

Cannabis Dispensary Email Marketing

We help you build an email list though a multi-channel marketing strategy so you can send compelling emails to engage and nurture your customers.

Cannabis Dispensary Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a hot subject right now and in a multi-channel marketing strategy can help you increase your customer engagement and loyalty.

Cannabis Dispensary SMS Marketing

We build an opt in SMS marketing plan so you can inform your customers of special promotions your running and any events that you might want to invite them to.

Cannabis Dispensary Word of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is extremely important for any cannabis business. It’s one of the oldest forms of marketing and brings in trusting customers based on referrals.

Gain The Upper Hand In Your Local Or Nation Marketing…

With cannabis becoming legal throughout the United States competition is heating up between medical caregivers, marijuana doctors, cannabis oil processors, recreational dispensaries, etc. It seems that every day there is a new cannabis shop opening up around every corner and the fact of the matter is only so many cannabis business will service the competition.  Beat your competition with superior marketing, better storytelling, and the best customer services in your area. 

Our team is made up of industry experts form cannabis marketers, web design professionals, lawyers, accountants, and technology companies we have you covered. We aim create you a winning brand that makes it easy to connect with your customers though digital platforms. Let us help you raise your brand higher than the others!

We devoted to helping cannabis businesses grow

Unlike many of our competitors, we are focus only on the cannabis industry. This focus allows us to develop solutions that cater to your needs and provide support solely for the cannabis industry.

We are more than Just a Website builder

We are a strategic partner for cannabis business, even after you get your website launched. We are a full service consulting company offering marketing services, IT services, and professional services.

We help you generate more leads for your Business

Our platform is designed to meet what you need for your cannabis website; We have built several internal and external services that allow you to manage your customer base with ease.

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